Welcome to the Blog

Hi, I'm Ryan, and welcome to my blog. This blog is designed for a few purposes, which I'll quickly detail below.

  1. Allow me to post updates regarding any project that I am involved with, from releases to upcoming features, and all the things in between
  2. Rant about different things that annoy me, mostly having to do with different video games and their decisions (looking at you, games that provide bad endgame (site name hint hint))
  3. General posting, about whatever might happen to be on my mind at any given time

I'm not promising consistent posts, in fact, it'll probably be far from that. But things will get posted...slowly...over time. That is something I can promise.

Why the .wtf TLD

Originally, I bought the domain as a joke after realizing there was a severe lack of actual endgame in the MMO that I was playing. In the end, I found the domain amusing and decided to keep it. It went from being a joke site with a crudely drawn picture making fun of focusing on cosmetic shop items instead of content, to hosting the lottery database for a friend's guild, to what it is now - my personal site.

Three simple purposes, one great platform.

This blog is proudly powered by the Ghost blogging platform and is proudly hosted on DigitalOcean.