Niftybot-Discord Official v1.0.0 Release

Welcome to the Official v1.0.0-release

This is the first stable release for Niftybot-Discord, containing everything worked on inside of the development branch before December 21, 2017. This bot has been tested fairly well, and should be stable enough for use. Please refer to the documentation for anything that you may need additional information on; the documentation is ongoing and is not yet complete.

For a quick run down of what this branch contains:

  • Join/Part messages moved to server configuration files
  • Syntax replacement for common messages
  • Multiple fixes to different cogs
  • Updated GW2 tables in the example database for use with the GW2 API cog
  • Add users/roles/channels by pinging them instead of having to paste the ID
  • Protections for server configuration files to prevent overwriting important bits
  • Add users or rolls as bot admins for the server so they may configure plugins
  • Fixes to configuration based files, including:
    • creating the channel_settings folder if it doesn't exist
    • create the bot ini on first run if it does not exist
  • includes a requirements.txt file for use with pip3 to install dependencies
  • class merging for file cleanup
  • and more!

There is still very limited documentation available, so if you need support or assistance, please use either the forums or our discord

Note: outside of major releases, there will not be blog entries. You can track minor releases and bug fixes by checking the repository on GitHub.


Hobbyist programmer with a soft spot for Python. C# is cool, and I have a love/hate relationship with PHP. I love to write random programs that probably don't do anything special.

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